Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Well hello.
You may have noticed that I haven't done a post update in quite some time.
Blogging is like exercising.....
if you don't keep up on it, you finally just say fuck it.
After so much time has gone by, it feels very overwhelming to know where to pick up and start the routine over again.
With this blogging diet yo-yo of emotion, 
my imagination has been paralyzed.
I put way too many expectations on myself and how I want things represented and expressed.
My Hell!!!  
Why do I do that to myself???!?
It's just a stupid blog.

Ironically, as I am spewing my thoughts to you about this stupid blog,
I know that I am paralyzed because it isn't a stupid blog..... to me.
It is a documentation of my life and the way that I see it.
It is a release of creativity and laughter and twisted ideas.

So, let's start anew and rock this shit out!!!
I couldn't think of a better way to begin, than with a little story about a River, a Rockstar, and Random experiences.

Riv and I have been dying to go to a good outdoor concert before summer was over.
The Rockstar UPROAR festival was exactly what the rock-doc called for!
10 bands for $25 buckaroos!
We were so in!

It rained most of the day before the concert start time, and we were prepared bummed to think we might have to cancel our night out.
Around 3 pm, the sun came shining through the dissipating clouds and we were back on, like donkey kong YO!

My decision to attend this concert series was made solely on price and venue.
I didn't particularly pine to see any one band in particular.
In fact, there were about half of the bands that I have never even heard of.
(yes, I know......geezer material in the making)
Following is the band line-up:
Hell Or Highwater, Art of Dying, Black Tide, Sevendust, Escape The Fate, Bullet For My Valentine, Seether, Three Days Grace, and Avenged Sevenfold.

We showed up around the end of Sevendust's performance.
Our first plan on the rock-agenda, was to find a stellar spot to put our big blanket on the lawn.
The 2nd plan was to get mom a beer and get River his first (ever)  Rockstar beverage and a corndog.
3rd plan of action, was to walk around and look for peeps that Riv recognized from school...surprisingly, he only noticed a few.
4th plan was to buy an overpriced t-shirt for proof  that Riv attended said concert.
5th plan was to navigate way back to comfy blanket and chillax for a while.
All plans played out  in the way they were intended to.

Riv was sitting Indian legged, happy as a pig in shit, eating his corn dog and drinking an energy drink.
I was enjoying the warmth of the sun, my ice cold Evolution, and watching Riv be a free bird.
My concentration of how cute my kid is, was broke by River saying,
"I swear!!!  I've never seen more 'Dog the bounty hunters and Billy the exterminators' all in one place before!!"
And he was right!!!
I really should have captured some good mullets and washed up butt-rockers for ya, but eh....
I didn't.  
And now....I'm regretful.  
You would have enjoyed some good, old fashioned, out dated, FUG coming through your screen.  
This crowd was a dahoooozy!

I really enjoyed Seether and Three Days Grace.
They both have some good ballads that swoon my heart back to the 80's.
The heavy metal golden years, of deep sexual connotations merged with titillating guitar riffs.
Ahhhhh, be still my air drums......
NOW! those were the years that rocked!!!!

But then came the last band....
the headlining act:
Avenged Sevenfold.
River was using every muscle in his body to move to the horrific rhythm.  He knew the words and knew the beat....
all I knew, was that I wanted to go home.
No...I'm not kidding!
I wanted to leave.
This band was dark and disturbing and sang screamed their lyrics.
I was NOT impressed and I was NOT wanting my kid to be this into this kind of band!
He begged me to let him just inch his way close to the stage!!!
I said no.
He begged me to let him go into the mosh pit!!!
I said HELL NO!

And THEN!!!
He asked me (under his breath) to please stay an appropriate amount of footage away from him!
Apparently I was ruining his "game".
"When did River get 'game'?", I asked myself in bewilderment.
I discreetly inch myself back to the area of the blanket that houses the washed up rocker chicks who are too lame-o to be seen with their 13 year old son.

Don't get me wrong....I was not hurt in the least.
On the contrary.
I was impressed and proud of River's independence and trust in me, that he could be honest and still know that I would adore him in the morning.
My best concert date ever :)

"A child is not a vase to be filled, 

but a fire to be lit."

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